Additional Auto Maintenance Information

Brake System Components That Can Fail

  • The master cylinder, the heart of the vehicle's braking system, holds the brake fluid when it is not being delivered to the brakes through the brake lines. If brake fluid leaks because the master cylinder is worn, or brake lines are plugged or broken, the fluid cannot be delivered and the brake pads will be ruined.

  • The brake fluid itself can become dirty or contaminated as it draws rust-causing moisture and picks up other debris, or it can break down from excess heat. Old and dirty brake fluid can damage ABS brake systems internally.

  • The brake lines connect to the master cylinder through a combination valve, which combines a metering and proportioning valve. It regulates the pressure on the front and rear wheels to make sure both sets of brakes are applied simultaneously. A malfunctioning combination valve may cause the wheels to lock up.

  • Because the brake pads and shoes create friction to stop the car, they gradually wear down over time and may wear away completely, letting the metal of the calipers and cylinders they are attached to grind against the rotors and drums and damage them. (Some pads have a metal strip attached that sounds a warning whistle when the pad becomes too worn, but this strip sounds only when the car is in motion and the brakes are not applied.


A/C & Heating Services

  • Why maintaining your AC System is very important: Heating and A/C systems may eventually break with usage, hose pipes may clog and drip if not serviced, causing reduced efficiency heating and cooling capabilities. Regular maintenance will keep your AC system operating at peak performance!

  • Indications your A/C system may be having issues: A/C blows only slightly cooler air compared to the exterior air; air that blows in smells damp, musty, or like mildew and mold; the defroster takes longer than usual to operate, or does not operate at all; heater or A/C only functions when driving, not when idling, or quits blowing when the car is stationary; or low airflow even at the highest fan setting


Belts & Hoses

A fan belt is a belt connecting your car's engine to the front mounted accessories. The fan belt rotates the water pump and engine fan, which maintains a cool environment for the engine and its components. Hoses transfer coolant and antifreeze throughout the engine's cooling system (including the radiator). Sooner or later, your vehicle's fan belts and hoses will dry out and crack. You not only have to get the belts and hoses replaced with quality ones but you should have the work done by experts. 


Tire Pressure

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System Can Saves Lives. Most people ignore their tires, yet tires are undoubtedly a critical safety component on a vehicle. Where the rubber meets the road affects traction, handling, steering, stability, and braking. Because of this, a sudden tire failure can have serious consequences, especially if it occurs when operating at high speed

  • What is the Effect of Under Inflation? An estimated 23,000 accidents and 535 fatal accidents annually involve blowouts or flat tires. Maintaining proper tire air pressure is not only a major safety concern, but can also affect the handling and performance of your vehicle


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