If you are the proud owner of any model, year, or condition BMW Automobile, then BIMMERS is your local solution for your auto service needs.

BIMMERS is regularly rated as the leading indepedent BMW service and repair shop in the area.

Bimmers Independent Service & Repair

We rely on our reputation.

Our reputation and our business is built on personal service to our customers, who we think of as our friends.

We are grateful to be able to provide you with the highest level service all while charging fair rates, which when compared to what BMW dealers charge, will make you smile.

Franjo Dugandzic & Milenko Kovacevic

It is good to be independent.

We are not a BMW franchise but your independent service center so you will not have to wonder if there may be a "sell me a new car" hidden agenda going on when you bring your BMW for an oil change.

Our independence means you get a much greater value. Give it the test and see who's lot you drive off happier! We do not fear the comparison.